The 3 Main Types of Guns You Should Know

The 3 Main Types of Guns You Should Know

There are so many types of guns, so many uses and so many variations. If you’re a pro you probably don’t get lost in all of that, but if you’re a beginner you most certainly do.

If you’re now starting to gather information about the vast world of guns this is the guide for you. A simple, short, go-to explanation on the three main types of guns: pistol/handgun, rifle and shotgun.


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We will use pistol and handgun as synonyms. The main characteristics of the handgun are the following:

It is fired from one hand.

The length of the barrel is under 16 inches.

It has no support from the shoulder.

It basically consists of a chamber, a bore, a barrel, a slide, a frame and a grip. Some of the most known subsets of handguns include the single shot, the multi barrel and the semiautomatic pistols.


These are the top 5 characteristics of the rifle:

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It is braced against the shoulder.

It is fired with both hands.

Each pull of the trigger fires only one bullet.

The length of the barrel is over 16 inches.

The barrel has a rifling to help stabilize the projectile.

The rifles are commonly divided in two sets: the semiautomatic and the bolt action.


You may know the shotgun from movies or TV as the gun that fires bullets with lots of pellets that spread out. The shotgun is designed to fire various types of ammunition.

Here’s what you should know about shotguns:

It is fired with both hands.

It is braced against the shoulder.

Each pull of the trigger fires once.

It has a smooth barrel.

The length of the barrel is over 18 inches.

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Like the rifle, we typically divide the shotguns in two subcategories: the semiautomatic and the pump action.

Pump action shotguns require the shooter to move the pump handle in order to chamber or remove shells, a scene that, yet again, you have probably seen in the movies. On the other hand, semiautomatics don’t require you to physically move the shells, using recoil or gas instead. There you go. This should give you the foundations for you to continue to grow your gun knowledge.

The Top 4 Gun Safety Tips You Should Know

The Top 4 Gun Safety Tips You Should Know

These days, modern guns come with tech mechanisms to prevent accidents. The most common is the safety, a lever that blocks the firing pin when flipped. Other guns can prevent discharge in case they are accidentally dropped.

Others even have a safety on the tip of the actual trigger to guarantee that a finger has to be on the trigger for the gun to fire.

Despite all of this, anyone that handles a gun still has to be extremely responsible. We’ll talk about four very simple rules that can prevent tragedies.

Keep your finger off the trigger if you’re not ready to shoot

Even if this sounds completely obvious, the fact is that people who are new to carrying guns often feel like the place where their finger should rest is on the trigger. This is a bad habit that you must let go as soon as possible.

If you’re yet to handle a gun but want to in the future keep this is mind so that you can avoid the mistake from the beginning.

Always think of the gun as being loaded

If someone hands you a gun or even if you pick it up yourself, it’s always a good idea to check if it is loaded, even if you’re almost certain it’s not. This habit will also unconsciously help you to overall handle the gun more responsibly.

Always point the gun in a safe direction

Accidents happen and you can make the gun go off unintentionally. This rule is meant to ensure that in the event of that happening you won’t hit people, animals or property. We suggest you apply this whether the gun is loaded or unloaded.

Study the surrounding space

You should only shoot in areas where you absolutely know that the path of the bullet is 100% safe. The truth is, a bullet can travel for a very long distance beyond your target before it is finally brought down by gravity. Shooting ranges are the best and safest options.

As you can see, these four rules are not hard to put into practice at all. But they mean a great deal in terms of guaranteeing safety. Always keep these in mind.

How to Get a Concealed Carry Permit Online

How to Get a Concealed Carry Permit Online

Nowadays, given all the opportunities the internet provides us with without making us go anywhere, some people have wondered if they can get a concealed carry permit online that is actually legal.

Well, there are many things to consider and the first thing you need to know is that the answer to the question depends on what state you’re living in. Let us guide you through some of the main points.

What you need to consider offline beforehand

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It is always a good idea to look for legal advice first. If you have any doubt about how to get your online carry permit talk to a lawyer licensed to practice law in your state.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you will never be able to just fill out an online form and print out your concealed permit right away. Each and every possible pistol carry license has a waiting time frame involved. Actually, applying online won’t reduce that waiting time significantly.

So, if your main concern is time, the online option won’t be your solution. Now, if what you care about is that it is simply more convenient, then you can go ahead.

Also, not the entirety of the process can be done online. Although requirements to get a permit vary from state to state, you need to go through a training course and get fingerprinted. And that applies to any state.

Be sure to know the policies of your state and which steps you can complete online

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The real question here is to what degree you can get your concealed carry permit online. In other words, the steps you can complete from the comfort of your home. Once again, it depends on the state.

For instance, the states of Arkansas, Indiana, Louisiana, Texas and many others allow the permit application to be submitted online but require the certificate of training and the fingerprints to be sent in by mail.

In Oklahoma, you can submit your application online with an attachment of a digital copy of your ID, but a sheet also has to be taken physically to a county sheriff’s office.

The state of South Carolina allows you to renew you carry permit online, but the initial applications, certificate and fingerprints have to be submitted by mail.

These are obviously just examples of some of the states. As you can see, before jumping online to your state’s website and try to get your permit, you need to do your homework. In fact, getting a lot of the process done online is possible. But it is crucial that you fully understand your state’s laws and policies regarding getting your concealed pistol carry permit via internet.

4 Gun Myths from the Movies Busted

4 Gun Myths from the Movies Busted

As we were growing up, we all watched movies where guns were one of the main elements of the action-packed scenes.

Of course, as in everything Hollywood produces, the entertainment factor is the money bag and so the handling of guns is also very fantasized.

To keep the scenes as epic as possible, sometimes the movies show impressive displays of firing where the gun is being completely mishandled. Often what happens in these scenes would be completely impossible in real life.

Here are 4 of the main gun myths from movies and TV.

The machine guns

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You have definitely seen some huge actor picking up a machine gun and handling it in auto mode. Sometimes, they even handle it with one sole hand and, of course, since we’re talking about Hollywood, they always hit the moving targets with total ease. Well, the thing is: it is absolutely impossible to do it that way.

The never-ending bullets

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This has to be the one myth everyone has laughed about. Everyone gets that it’s totally not how it works, even if they have never known anything about a gun. In movies, the action stars keep battling out on intense hour-long fights without ever having to reload the gun.

The absolute silence of a silencer

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The device attached to the gun in order to lessen the noise when shooting will do just that, reduce the noise, not eliminate it completely. However, in movies, when a gun with a silencer is fired you hear absolutely nothing like you’re in the bottom of the ocean.

Even more made up are the times where they fire a shotgun with a silencer and there’s still no noise.

Cutting ropes

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You can see this in many western movies. A man is about to be hung unfairly when a cowboy shoots the innocent hangman’s rope to save him from being killed. This is in itself virtually impossible. Now, think about the fact that many times the rider does it while racing on top of his horse. Only in Hollywood. We could talk about so many other stunts that are plain myths. The thing is: if you handle guns or want to do it, it’s much safer to take the idea that you can do some of this stuff out of your mind.