The Top 4 Gun Safety Tips You Should Know

The Top 4 Gun Safety Tips You Should Know

These days, modern guns come with tech mechanisms to prevent accidents. The most common is the safety, a lever that blocks the firing pin when flipped. Other guns can prevent discharge in case they are accidentally dropped.

Others even have a safety on the tip of the actual trigger to guarantee that a finger has to be on the trigger for the gun to fire.

Despite all of this, anyone that handles a gun still has to be extremely responsible. We’ll talk about four very simple rules that can prevent tragedies.

Keep your finger off the trigger if you’re not ready to shoot

Even if this sounds completely obvious, the fact is that people who are new to carrying guns often feel like the place where their finger should rest is on the trigger. This is a bad habit that you must let go as soon as possible.

If you’re yet to handle a gun but want to in the future keep this is mind so that you can avoid the mistake from the beginning.

Always think of the gun as being loaded

If someone hands you a gun or even if you pick it up yourself, it’s always a good idea to check if it is loaded, even if you’re almost certain it’s not. This habit will also unconsciously help you to overall handle the gun more responsibly.

Always point the gun in a safe direction

Accidents happen and you can make the gun go off unintentionally. This rule is meant to ensure that in the event of that happening you won’t hit people, animals or property. We suggest you apply this whether the gun is loaded or unloaded.

Study the surrounding space

You should only shoot in areas where you absolutely know that the path of the bullet is 100% safe. The truth is, a bullet can travel for a very long distance beyond your target before it is finally brought down by gravity. Shooting ranges are the best and safest options.

As you can see, these four rules are not hard to put into practice at all. But they mean a great deal in terms of guaranteeing safety. Always keep these in mind.

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