4 Gun Myths from the Movies Busted

4 Gun Myths from the Movies Busted

As we were growing up, we all watched movies where guns were one of the main elements of the action-packed scenes.

Of course, as in everything Hollywood produces, the entertainment factor is the money bag and so the handling of guns is also very fantasized.

To keep the scenes as epic as possible, sometimes the movies show impressive displays of firing where the gun is being completely mishandled. Often what happens in these scenes would be completely impossible in real life.

Here are 4 of the main gun myths from movies and TV.

The machine guns

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You have definitely seen some huge actor picking up a machine gun and handling it in auto mode. Sometimes, they even handle it with one sole hand and, of course, since we’re talking about Hollywood, they always hit the moving targets with total ease. Well, the thing is: it is absolutely impossible to do it that way.

The never-ending bullets

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This has to be the one myth everyone has laughed about. Everyone gets that it’s totally not how it works, even if they have never known anything about a gun. In movies, the action stars keep battling out on intense hour-long fights without ever having to reload the gun.

The absolute silence of a silencer

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The device attached to the gun in order to lessen the noise when shooting will do just that, reduce the noise, not eliminate it completely. However, in movies, when a gun with a silencer is fired you hear absolutely nothing like you’re in the bottom of the ocean.

Even more made up are the times where they fire a shotgun with a silencer and there’s still no noise.

Cutting ropes

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You can see this in many western movies. A man is about to be hung unfairly when a cowboy shoots the innocent hangman’s rope to save him from being killed. This is in itself virtually impossible. Now, think about the fact that many times the rider does it while racing on top of his horse. Only in Hollywood. We could talk about so many other stunts that are plain myths. The thing is: if you handle guns or want to do it, it’s much safer to take the idea that you can do some of this stuff out of your mind.

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